Wednesday, June 25, 2008


had my 1st interview with artwright about 2 weeks ago. the position i'm applying for is called the business executive. sounds canggih aint it? to simplify it, the JD revolves around sales, cust service, pre and post sales. to further simplify it, in hokkien we call it pao suah pao hai, PSPH. in addition to the mentioned, i would be sorta considered as an individual contributor as well where i have to kinda motivate the technical team for further improvement, contribute ideas on how to improve the business processes and the like, and the list shall go on itself from here.

the JD is actually interesting if i do not have to do any sales. i mean not only i can learn about the business but i can also expand my network from here. and it is really like running my own business.

at 1st i thought i was not shortlisted as i did not get any call from kelly's within the stipulated time frame. out of the blue, i received an email from Sheela telling me to go for the second interview on Monday 23/6/08 during my lunch hour. told me it wasn't gonna take long as this interview is only to discuss the salary package. well, no harm attending and see what artwright offers me right?

to cut a long story short, i asked for rm2800 and guess what they offered me; RM1900 + RM250 (car maintenance) + RM250 (car petrol; under negotiation with HQ so it's not confirmed) + RM0.35/ km (if i travel out from Juru toll) + micellaneous expenses incur for meeting up with customers + 1% commission on the total sales. i think here think there, it's not worth it. i mean i'm not really keen on the job as it involves sales, so why do i wanna take the offer if i'm not happy with the pay right? the basic is really low. i agree i do not have any sales exposure, but the basic is a bit too low for me.

my dad kinda indirectly hinted to me that he does not want me to take up the offer. he said sales is not an easy thing to do. apart from that, my ex manager also said that it is not easy to sell office equipments. come to think of it, how many times does a company need to change the office equipment in a year? i know if there is a project i can earn up to 5 figures in a month, but am i really fit to be a sales consultant? I seriously dubted it. Not that I am not confident of myself but frankly speaking i never like sales people. and i really can't imagine being one myself.

and the job is not only about sales, i also need to build rapport with my clients and suppliers. i know if i take up this job there is a vast oppurtunity for me to grow and learn, but i just can't convince myself to do it. i don'tk now, maybe i have already slipped into the comfort zone that i'm trying hard to avoid.

conclusion is, i will reject the offer. i'm in no rush, so let's look around and who knows there may be better job opportunities out there for me *wink wink*


At 1:32 PM , Blogger aL said...

i am here every now and then. its good you put your life updates here.

all the best :) you know you can got us for opinions. cheers.

At 4:18 PM , Blogger Michelle said...

yo thx..din noe still got ppl read my blog...wakakakka =p


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