Friday, August 22, 2008

Saturday, buffet at Rasa Sayang

slurp slupr...i am feeling excited. can't wait till tomorrow. i'm going to rasa sayang hotel for a buffet dinner. and the great news is that it is totally FOC!!! how wonderful...lolz...

the dinner is meant for the SA CONS TS only. but they invited Chin, Yen and Mich to join them for the dinner. Chin can't make it so gaya will replace him. and just so happen Yen also can't go as she has a birthday party to attend to. So she asked if i wanna go. oh boy, i will never say no to food. especially to rasa sayang which i long to go since early of the year. wakakakakaka! how lucky can one be. it's freaking expensive it costs bout RM140++ per pax for the buffet dinner. way too extragavant for me to spend like dat.

i'm kinda broke and will continue to be broke for the next few months. reason? simple...too many activities d la...cannot tahan. last mth went to malacca, sept goin to hatyai with colleagues, nov my 1st anniversary with Gene, cameron highlands with the musketeers and partners, dec G's royal day and not to die? pls tell me...@@

any sponsors? lolz....


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